How to Say Farewell Philly Part 2 – Healthy Food & Fitness

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Part 1: Restaurants

Part 3: Shopping

So we can all agree that the restaurant post was a lot. And for me cannot be the norm. If you can eat and drink like that normally, I mean it – enjoy your superpower. Like many, I have spent too many hours beating myself up about my looks, but in the last two years especially have come to look at healthy eating and exercise this way…

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You’re stronger than you think. (📷@sweatsandthecity)

Philly’s emerging fitness and food scene in recent years is a big reason why that is possible.

Here are a few of my favorite studios in town:
  • To try everything – Freehouse Fitness (Graduate Hospital) – challenging but very fun rebounder, reformer, and band classes in a beautiful environment. Excellent amenities, educated and enthusiastic teachers, great schedule variety. I adore this place and the instructors, who put a heavy focus on proper alignment and increasing your range of motion  during really tough workouts.
Freehouse Fitness Studio
Freehouse Fitness Studio
  • For Cardio Queens- Flywheel and SoulCycle: (Rittenhouse) Both are expensive and but both can be counted on for a great class. I like each for different reasons – but the SoulCycle showers/AM shower process puts Flywheel’s to shame. Also, at a dark time in my life, a SoulCycle instructor made me cry while preaching about resilience during Miley Cyrus’ “It’s the Climb”  (yes, the one from the Hannah Montana movie) so it can be counted on as an emotional release, too.
  • For Yogis- Yoga Garden (Bella Vista) wonderful environment and really thoughtful teachers. Many of the “sunrise” morning classes are $12 to drop in and an amazing way to start the day. The teachers are lovely and the schedule has a great combination of intense workouts and restorative sessions too.
Schuylkill River Trail
Schuylkill River Trail

For the non studio experience, the Schykyill River Trial in Philadelphia was named best urban trail in the US! Check out this view – on weeknights around 7pm this is the place to be for runners and bike riders and it’s not hard to see why.Forbidden Drive in the Wissahickon Park just outside the city is a really lovely walk/bike ride/horseback ride/even cross country ski trail! It is really for all-seasons and the perfect antidote for a busy urban week. Just a few miles outside center city but feels like 100. There are lots of spots along the trail to meet-up, but we typically park at the lot closest to the Valley Green Inn. 

For summer scenery- Yoga on the Pier at the Race Street Pier does donation-based classes with beautiful views of the Ben Franklin Bridge from April to November –  7 a.m. Monday through Friday, 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and at 9:30 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. They are always packed so do come early to ensure you get a seat close to the instructor, otherwise it can be quite hard to hear. And do make a donation – it’s a free series!

On food & drink… (you know I can’t resist)

To detox –Sip-n-Glo Juicery has two locations (Bella Vista & Rittenhouse) where I often grab “Chocolate Peanut Butter Power Up” juices after class. I am also very partial to the “Radiant Glo” all year round and “Pineapple Charcoal Lemon-Aid” if I’ve gone a little overboard on food and drink lately. One location is right next to the Yoga Garden and another Fly/Soul and I often cut over after Freehouse too!

On a meat-free day –Vedge – (Washington Square West) I mentioned Vedge in the restaurant post and I meant every word! Do check it out.

If you’re feeling vegan or gluten-freePS&Co. (Rittenhouse) is a lovely little organic, gluten-free, plant-based all-day cafe with knowledgeable and thoughtful staff. If you have time to sit down, I recently had a delightful amaranth porridge with pineapple puree and caramelized pecans. On the go, I love their muesli bar. I am trying so hard to get here for dinner before the move!

P.S.& Co.
P.S.& Co.
P.S. & Co.
P.S. & Co.

When convenience rules all – I leave my lunch in the fridge a LOT. And so, I eat LOTS of Sweetgreen. But there are *five* in Center City alone and it’s just so easy to order on the app where you also earn rewards. I am all about the custom Earth bowls. (Multiple locations)

Also in a pinch  Snap Kitchen is a great spot to grab a plethora of healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, shakes, etc. (even Whole 30 compliant meals) – so that healthy eating comes together “in a snap.” (Multiple locations)

And when I prep to actually eat at home? Coming up next (and last) in my farewell series will be shopping! Stay tuned for my mainstays beyond my beloved Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s!

What else should I check out before we (finally) head to Geneva?

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  1. Great post! Has me excited to get fit and feel my best for McInerney wedding!!


  2. Amanda says:

    YASS!! Cannot wait for my next visit to Philadelphia, such great reccomendations!!!


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