How to Say Farewell Philly Part 3 – Shopping

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Part 1: Restaurants

Part 2: Healthy Food & Fitness

I am mostly an Amazon obsessive and spend very little time shopping in physical stores. I know, the horror. But there are some really lovely shops in Philly that I am always game to visit in person This is aside of course from Walnut Street that has all your BAEsic girl hotspots – Lululemon, Madewell, J.Crew, all places I love by the way! Philly also has an AMAZING Anthropologie with BHLDN bridal in the basement and a killer third floor sales room right off Rittenhouse Square (and next to some of my favorite drink spots.) There are some great shops in the burbs,but truthfully I haven’t even had to go out to the King of Prussia Mall, the second largest in AMERICA, in years, because there are so many gold mines right in the city …

For gifts…(for your sister, your bff, or for you – if you’re supporting the economy, you are doing your part)

Duross & Langel- again more from 13th Street in Midtown Village where gets a lot of love in the restaurant post! The amount of money I have spent in this store would be truly upsetting if I had to see it in total. The lovely store is full of beautiful all-natural handcut soaps, bath bombs, hair product, and face masks galore. “Get Happy” is my perennial favorite bar but I also buy half bars of nearly every fragrance for travel (and just pop them in one of these containers– always try to limit my liquids to carry on luggage only as much as possible!)

I buy the “mommy-to-be” box for every close friend who shares their pregnancy and have bought lots of “hangover” boxes for big birthdays and bachelorettes. They have a very robust men’s section as well and a lovely salon upstairs where we are actually doing hair for my sister-in-law’s wedding this summer! If you can’t make it to Philly, the online store is here. (Midtown Village)


Verde – right across the street also on 13th is a great clothing and accessories shop WITH ARTISANAL CHOCOLATES IN THE BACK. The chocolates are by Chef Marcie Turney of Barbuzzo (on my restaurants post!) and are gorgeous – and include Philly prints! A perfect hostess gift for anyone who loves Philadelphia. (Midtown Village)

Open House – on the same row of 13th street goodies! Hence the name, more home focused with kitchen items, baby gifts, linens, great little desk accessories and lovely hostess gift options. (Midtown Village)

Hello World – was once two different stores in Rittenhouse and Washington Square West that combined into a megastore in University City. Great jewelry, candles, accent pieces – a housewarming gift oasis. (University City)

Scarlets Alley – really charming dinnerware, homeware, linens, with a focus on wedding and baby registries – a great place to stop by on a weekend walk. (Old City)

When you hate everything in your closet…

Apart from the Walnut Street beacons, boutique hunters will love perennial favorites  Geisha House, Smak Parlour, and Lost & Found – very trendy, high quality (and often a bit $$$) pieces. Great girlfriend day activity to stroll through and pit stop for sushi at Kisso and some wine and cheese at Wedge & Fig (ugh, here I go again..both are BYOB!) (all Old City)

actual Survival Shopping (Food!)

For meal prep – I swear, despite all of the gushing in the restaurant post and even the healthy post (and um, directly above in this post?) I make 80% of what I eat on a weekly basis. P.S. Thing I made I loved lately – Lee from America’s coconut fat balls. Delish! And also a fellow alumna from my undergrad! #THWND

I regularly hit Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, obviously. A warning that the TJ’s checkout line in Philly (we only have one in Center City, why?!) weaves throughout the ENTIRE STORE. A hack: a colleague and I used to have our weekly meetings in this line. If you don’t need your computers and just need to brainstorm with your desk BFF – go do your respective shopping and have your check-in while you check-out. Because you will wait at least 30 minutes on a weeknight.

The Callowhill Whole Foods also has insane “food-court” (but not at ALL like a mall” food-court”) options within the store like Dizengoff (sister to Zahav highlighted in the restaurant post, great hummus!) and Federal Donuts (delectable donuts and fried chicken, SHOULD have made the restaurant post if it ventured further into Tolstoy length – has lots of Center City locations)

While these are great, I have a lot of love for a store newish to Philly near the formerly named Market East, now “Jefferson Station”  called Mom’s Organic Market. The produce is expensive (and definitely borders on “crunchy” – in a good way!) but it is THE spot to get paleo bacon and all sorts of specialty products if you are gluten free, vegan, Whole30-ing, etc. It’s nice and nonclausterphobic, lines are never brutal and the staff is great.

For veggies – it is all about Iovine Brothers in Reading Terminal Market for me. Well priced, lots of seasonality, and always something interesting.

For carnivores, in the Terminal Giunta’s Prime Shop is our favorite grass-fed hormone-free butcher – I get intimidated by the butcher’s counter sometimes (it might have something to do with the fact that I’m 5″5 on tiptoes) but these guys are always great and receptive to questions and special requests. I just made a really great paleo roast chicken from there, twice in the same week.

Hope you have enjoyed this retrospective on some of our Philly favorites -we are on the ground in Geneva so it’s officially a wrap on this series (check out restaurants and healthy recommendations if you are looking for more.) If you are wondering when on Earth the Europe posts begin – promise more coming this week! You can check out what we’ve been up to so far by following me on Instagram.

Thanks for a great decade +, Philly – see you soon!

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